If you are new to this Mod i highly recommend to read the top section as it does contain a lot of useful information.

Create your own unique hybrids consisting of multiple dinos!
This Mod comes with a complete genetics system and 10 hybrids (more will be added over time).
Most of the hybrids are available in 3 variations: Standard, Aberrant & Extinction, some are available in a Colorful variant, too.
Unlike most mods, that add new dinos with new abilities, this mod is meant to be perfectly balanced for vanilla pve & pvp!
Hybrids cannot be bred or cloned and will always be female.
The aim of this Mod is to enhance the lategame and give people more practical uses for endgame ressources!
If you feel like you should be able to create your first hybrids earlier in the game, you are free to overwrite the levelrequirement for the workbenches, that are needed to start!
Part of this mod is a chemical system that is a key element in creating hybrids.
This chemical system comes with a lot of potential, which will come to use in the near future.

There are already Items/Gear available, more will come (If you dont like this you can easily disable it via Ini-Setting)

Through chemistry and a lot of ressources you are also able to summon a wild reaper or phoenix on any map and tame it afterwards! This gives all players that dont have Scorched Earth or Aberration a chance to tame these rare creatures. Maybe you will need them for your next hybrid? πŸ™‚

Additionally planned features:
– integrated tutorial and UI
– research system. Future hybrids may be even harder to create! Some might need excessive research before you can actually create the needed dna!
– while hybrids will have 0 Chance to Mutate through normal means. You will be able to refine DNA and possibly create mutations of said hybrids. These hybrids will not only be slightly stronger, they will have a different appearance and optical differences.
– many more hybrids are planned! Not only flyers or land dinos also underwater hybrids.
– in the future some hybrids are planned to be locked behind an own boss that must be summoned and defeated!
– the integrated chemical system will offer additional Gear, Weapons and Ammo. All of these will have their pros and cons and be balanced for a nice pvp environment while also offering uses for pve players.
This Mod comes with very few engrams and only a few core structures. The rest of the sience will be done by you!

Genetic Workbench

This Workbench is used to extract dino DNA and grant you the ability to create completly new ones! (Unlocked at Level 100)

Saddle Manufacturing Bench

Workbench, that is needed to create the saddles for your hybrids. Thats not all though!
Through the advanced materials you created in the Advanced Chemistry Bench you are able to slightly increase the movementspeed and manoeuvrability of your vanilla flyers, while this will make your flyers faster, it is very very costly!
This will also cover your Griffins & Wyverns! Simply put the β€œsaddle” in its costume slot!
But Revy, β€œI want to use my awesome Skin on my Wyvern!” – No problem I got you covered! Simply press E on the Wyvern/Griffin Stone once and it will convert into a Stone that can be skinned (This is reverseable of course)
(If you dont like this you can easily disable it via Ini-Setting)

Advanced Chemistry Bench

This specialized Chemistry Bench is used to create all those chemicals and detergents, that you need to start in DNA extraction and DNA recombination. This Bench will also open up material reprocessing like the creation of carbonfiber. (Unlocked at Level 80)

Detergents & Potions you can craft right now:
-Reaper Luring Pheromone
-Wake Up Potion
-Phoenix Creation Detergent
-Speed Increasing Drug

High Tech Fabricator

Create Highly Advanced Structures, Weapons, Armor & Tools

This Crafting Station will be your best friends if you require advanced Structures or Arms!

Research Station

This is where the magic happens!

The Research Station will enable you to increase your mutation-chance on your extracted DNAs.
Additionally you are ablke to research Mutation-Traits for your hybrids.

All that Data is stored on a Harddrive which then can be inserted into your Genetic Workbench!
Be careful as all that valuable Data is stored on the Harddrive and can be used by anyone who gets their Hands on it.

Runs on Ultra High Voltage, thus requires a Fusion-Reactor to operate!

Fusion Reactor

Used to create Ultra High Voltage by using Nuclear Fusion!

This Structure combines Hydrogen into Helium!
This Process generates a Lot of Heat & Radition! Dont let your beloved Dinos get to near the Structure while its running.
Also you shouldn’t get near it if you arent wearing sufficient protection!

Tek-Suit / Hazard Suit will protect you, but loose its durability quickly

Byproduct: Helium Cores.

Genetic-Research BossTerminal

With this Terminal you can do additional and harder challenges than the original Bosses in ARK.

This Terminal grants access to the respective Omega Bosses of each Map!

This is your way to unlock new Hybrids, earn Anti-Element and become the strongest player on your ARK!

Be careful as the Bosses will become more and more challenging with every win you achieve!

So how do you create a hybrid?

To create the DNA for a Hybrid you need the base DNA of the dinos it’s based on. This Base DNA can be acquired by processing a dinos blood in the Genetic Workbench.
To acquire the Extracted Dino blood you have to create a brew which is specific for every dino in the Advanced Chemistry Bench.
The needed Sulfurdioxide which is a key-component in every Extraction-Detergent is a byproduct when oxizing wood to coal with sulfuric acid. (Advanced Chemistry Bench)

This brew can only be fed to the specific dino its made for! Careful, your dino will not survive this. However, it is the only way to acquire the Blood you need to produce the needed DNA.
The blood will be in the dinos inventory uppon feeding the Extraction-Detergent. Please note that blood needs to processed fast as it will decay if not reprocessed to Extracted DNA!

This DNA can be crafted with the other needed Items and DNAs to produce your hybrid’s DNA. Afterwards, you will only have to create the hybrid-egg.
All needed Materials can be produced in the Advanced Chemistry Bench (if they are not vanilla items). Such as the artificial Egg which is needed to sustain the Embrio you are about to create until it is ready to hatch!
Some Hybrids will require Corrupted Element, this can be aquired when fueling the Genetic Workbench with Element instead of Propellant to run.


Its imporant to know that the level your hybrid will have, is directly dependent on its ancestors that you have used to create the DNA. If you are using the default Settings the Minimum Level a hybrid will have is 175, while the maximum is 240.
The level your hybrid will have is the average level between all used dinos.
Example: You need 4 Dinos to create a certain hybrid. The Levels are 120, 200, 300, 220. This means the average level is 210. This is the Level your Hybrid will hatch on.

Exception – Superhybrids: These have a multiplier.
While their Level will also be between 175 and 240 (if default setting), your average Dino Level needs to be 280 to actually reach a Superhybrid that hatches on level 240.


Take a Kitsune and improve it further, combine it with the strenght of a Dragon and
equip it with the power of fire!
The Kurashi can heavily increase its core-temperature and enflame himself.
While enflamed, this Superhybrid lights everything around him on fire, the fire is percentage based, so its very effective against enemies with an high HP-pool.
This Enflaming costs loads of power, a Kurashi that uses this ability will build up topor rapidly, while loosing stamina. However, while enflamed he gets a huge healingboost, that make this ability very strong.

Babies are very lively and will not simply follow you, be careful to not loose them when they start jumping around. Its advised to raise this Dino in a closed room!

Left Mousebutton: Melee (Doesn’t work underwater)
Right Mousebutton: Enflame! (Damages the Area around you consistently, Dinos will stop burning after 5 Seconds if you are to far away.
You will constantly heal over the time you are enflamed, while building up topor and loosing stamina! (Cannot be used underwater)
C-Button: Melee (Works underwater)
Specials: Press β€œX” to Switch between Speed and Precision


Born out of the flames of a phoenix, hatches a creature that looks like an Ankylo from afar. But hold on, thats not an Ankylo, thats a super Hybrid! This is a creature that is based on another hybrid an is further refined! He posses some strong abilities that make it worth the while! He is way stronger than a normaly ankylo, he can gather tons of metal and even melt it into ingots. He posses some beefy attack that can light your enemies up on fire!

Left Mousebutton: Bite
Right Mousebutton: Tail Attack (Deals Additional Damage to enemies by setting them on fire)
C-Button: Nothing
Specials: Melts 3 Metal into 2 Ingots, Can be skilled in Crafting Speed to increase the processing of Metal, Reduces the weight of Metal & Metal Ingots


The Kitsune is a hybrid between Managarmr and Rockdrake, as well as elements of the Snowowl and the Electrophorus. He is taller and stronger than the original Managarmr. He can make very wide jumps without losing too much stamina. His lightning attack is a powerful weapon that provides the Kitsune with new life force and weakens his opponents. He is the perfect all-rounder, whether on land, in the air or in the water!

Babies are very lively and will not simply follow you, be careful to not loose them when they start jumping around. Its advised to raise this Dino in a closed room!

Left Mousebutton: Melee (Doesn’t work underwater)
Right Mousebutton: Lightning AOE (Damages the Area around you, while providing you with a small regeneration buff that consumes food – Can hurt enemy riders, cannot be used underwater)
C-Button: Melee (Works underwater)
Specials: Press β€œX” to Switch between Speed and Precision


The Sanagi is quite a special lifeform, stuck somewhere between larva and butterfly. His wings, combined with the ability to suck in air and push it out of special membranes, enable him to make very longer and high jumps that almost seem like flying. Due to his stature he doesn’t take falldamage. A special Enzyme that can only be found in the Sanagi, is the reason it poops fertilizer instead of dung, that can be used in crop plots.

Left Mousebutton: Melee (like the Gasbags)
Right Mousebutton: suck in air (like the Gasbags)
C-Button: Push (pushes Enemies away, like the Gasbags)
Specials: No Falldamage, produces fertilizer instead of poop, improved air control & impulse in comparison of the Gasbags, can reach high speeds vertically (in air), faster then a Tek Suit!


The Spinoraptor is a hybrid between a Spino and a Raptor. Since the DNA appears to be instable the holes must be fixed with two other DNA strands. This leads to some strange abilities, while the hybrid is equally fast as a raptor and does inherit the strength and the water affinity of the Spino, you will also receive an insulation buff while riding and will be supplied with oxygen while diving. However, the dino itself will still need to breathe and recover stamina!

Left Mousebutton: Bite / Melee
Right Mousebutton: Pack Roar (This only works in a Pack and only if you are riding the Alpha!) Boost the Melee of every Pack-Member
C-Button: Nothing
Specials: Provides Insulation and Oxygen underwater, still needs to breathe itself though!


As the name suggests, this is a hybrid between Carno and Raptor. The combination of the Raptor DNA, which makes the most of the speed, and the Carno DNA, whereby the strength is significantly increased, it is possible to throw even larger animals to the ground and overwhelm them. Since the two DNA match each other perfectly, no element is needed for the connection.

Left Mousebutton: Melee
Right Mousebutton: Pounce (Works and most creatures that weight less than 100. Also works on Sabertooths and Direwolves)
C-Button: Nothing
Specials: Nothing


The Ankylodocus is a hybrid between a diplodocus and an ankylosaurus. It’s superior in harvesting metal and flint. However, since the DNA of the Doedicurus was used in the engineering process aswell, he is an excellent gatherer for stone. Thus you get a strong, speedy land dino that is well able to protect itself.
The Saddle comes with 2 Passenger Slots! Bring some friends!

Left Mousebutton: Head Crush (Mines Flint, Metal, Berries, etc. – kinda like the Anky)
Right Mousebutton: Front Stomp (Mines Stone – kinda like the Doed, can be used while running/walking [might be changed in the future though])
C-Button: Back Stomp (Mines Stone – kinda like the Doed, can be used while running/walking)
Specials: Reduces the Weight of Obsidian, Stone, Metal, Crystal, Flint and Gems


The Stegoceratops is the ultimate farmer. Due to its simple gene sequence, it is possible to combine the two DNAs without the use of element. Thus, it can be produced before the Tek Age and makes everyday life enormously easier.

Left Mousebutton: Melee
Right Mousebutton: Ram (Charge Attack)
C-Button: Nothing
Specials: Reduces the weight of berries, crops and more consumeables by 50%, Excelent Gathering


With the Kentrosaurusrex we have been able to successfully produce a combination of carnivores and herbivores through long genetic research, which can thus adapt to all adversities and feed on almost anything. The combination of the attacking power of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the defensive behavior of the Kentrosaurus by damage reflection makes it an absolute all-rounder. In order to stabilize the gene combination the DNA of a Therri and a Stego is needed.

Left Mousebutton: Bite (Like the Rex)
Right Mousebutton: Roar (Like the Rex)
C-Button: None
Specials: Reflects Incomming Melee Damage


The Thorajara is a very unique hybrid. It was created from a DNA recombination of the Tapejara and the Thorny Dragon. Also, a little DNA of other dinosaurs has flowed in to fill in the gaps in the genome. So, a Flyer with special skills has been created. He is capable of shooting sharp thorns, both on the ground and in the air, thus inflicting enormous damage on his opponent. This damage is piercing and will ignore armor. His strength and energy are clearly superior to that of a Tapejara.

Left Mousebutton: Bite
Right Mousebutton: Grab
C-Button: Throw Thorns
On Land: Throws 6 thorns, each Dealing 100 Damage and Ignoring a certain % of Armor
In Air: Does a Barell Roll that throws 12 thorns, each Dealing 50 Damage and Ignoring a certain % of Armor β€” The Angle, how the Thorns fly is tracked from the head of the Thorajara.)
Specials: Can be leveled in Movementspeed


In the depths of the night lurks the perfect hunter!
With teeth as sharp as razor blades and claws that make it impossible for his prey to free itself from its claws.
With his agility, no obstacle is too high and no cliff too far.
The Avesfeles moves very fast and can track down enemies even in the darkest night.
Its shining eyes are said to have the ability to penetrate you with their gaze and look into your soul.
Be on your guard!

* Similar to the Thylacoleo, it is possible for the Avesfeles to dismount the rider and pin them to the ground.
* Similar to the Thylacoleo, it is also possible for the Avesfeles to pin the mount itself – taking the survivor for a ride, but not preventing them from dismounting.

Left Mousebutton: Bite (Normal / Pinning) // Pounce & Pin Down (Latched)
Right Mousebutton: Fatal Slash (Right Mouse Button): Applies Bleeding, Slows down, 15 Seconds Cooldown (Normal) // Let Go (Pinning / Latched)
C-Button: Roar
Specials: Press β€œX” to toggle the Thermal Vision (consumes Stamina)

All the spawncodes you need!

Please Note: Due to the way how the Mod is created it is not possible to spawn in the Eggs, DNA or Blood directly!


Genetic Workbench:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_DNABench 1 0 0
Engram: EngramEntry_DNABench

admincheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_GeneticResearchStation 1 0 0
Engram: None, crafted in the High Tech Fabricator

Advanced Chemistry Bench :
admincheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_ChBench 1 0 0
Engram: EngramEntry_ChBench

Saddle Manufacturing Bench:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_SaddleBench 1 0 0
Engram: EngramEntry_SaddleBench

High Tech Fabricator:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_HighTechFabricator 1 0 0
Engram: EngramEntry_HighTechFabricator

Genetic-Research BossTerminal :
admincheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_RA_BossTerminal 1 0 0
Engram: None, crafted in the High Tech Fabricator

Fusion Generator
admincheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_FusionGenerator 1 0 0
Engram: None, crafted in the High Tech Fabricator

Power Cables:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_FusionPowerCableIntersection 1 0 0
admincheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_FusionPowerCableStraight 1 0 0
admincheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_FusionPowerCableVertical 1 0 0

Detergents & Consumeables

Reaper Luring Potion:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_ReaperLure 1 0 0

Wake-Up Potion:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_WakeUp 1 0 0

Phoenix Creation Detergent:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_PhoenixLure 1 0 0

admincheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_DamageBooster_forAll 1 0 0

Mega Deamon-Drug:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_DamageBooster_forAll_Hard 1 0 0

admincheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_DamageReducer_forAll 1 0 0

admincheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_SpeedBooster_forAll 1 0 0

Speed Increasing Drug (Wyverns & Griffins)
admincheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_SpeedBooster 1 0 0

Hybrid Saddles

Ankylodocus Saddle:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_AnkylodocusSaddle 1 0 0

Incendarius Saddle:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_AnkylostegaSaddle 1 0 0

Carnoraptor Saddle:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_CarnoraptorSaddle 1 0 0

Sanagi Saddle:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_SanagiSaddle 1 0 0

Kitsune Saddle:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_ElJumperSaddle 1 0 0

Kurashi Saddle:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_FireJumperSaddle 1 0 0

Kentrosaurusrex Saddle:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_KentroRexSaddle 1 0 0

Spinoraptor Saddle:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_SpinoraptorSaddle 1 0 0

Stegoceratops Saddle:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_StegoceratopsSaddle 1 0 0

Thorajara Saddle:
admincheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_ThorajaraSaddle 1 0 0

Resources & Chemicals

PrimalItemResource_Ca – Calcium
PrimalItemResource_Carbon – Carbon
PrimalItemResource_Cholesterin – Cholesterol
PrimalItemResource_CO – Carbonoxide
PrimalItemResource_CO2 – Carbondioxide
PrimalItemResource_Egg – Artificial Egg
PrimalItemResource_Egg_Large – Artificial Egg (Large)
PrimalItemResource_Egg_XLarge – Artificial Egg (X-Large)
PrimalItemResource_Elementsaeure – Elementalacid
PrimalItemResource_H3PO4 – Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4)
PrimalItemResource_Haemoglob – Extracted Hemoglobin
PrimalItemResource_Kieselsaeure – Silicic Acid
PrimalItemResource_Leather_I – Improved Leather
PrimalItemResource_Natronlauge – Sodium Hydroxide
PrimalItemResource_Phosp_White – white Phosphor
PrimalItemResource_Pigment – Pigment
PrimalItemResource_RefinedSilizium – Refined Silicium
PrimalItemResource_S2C – Carbondisulfite
PrimalItemResource_Salzsaeure – Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)
PrimalItemResource_Schwefelsaeure – Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4)
PrimalItemResource_String_I – Treated Fiber
PrimalItemResource_Wasserstoff – Hydroxide
PrimalItemResource_SO2 – Sulfurdioxide (SO2)
PrimalItemResource_CorrElement – Corrupted Element
PrimalItemResource_HeliumCore – HeliumCore
PrimalItemResource_HydrogenCore – HydrogenCore
PrimalItemResource_AdvancedElectronics – AdvancedElectronics
PrimalItemResource_Elastomere – Elastomere
PrimalItemResource_QuantumElectronics – QuantumElectronics
PrimalItemResource_SteelIngot – SteelIngot

DNA Extraction



These are all Hybrid Spawncodes.
COL = Colorful, AB = Aberrant, EXT = Extinction
Use admincheat gmsummon β€œDinoname” 150 for a lvl 225 Hybrid

To spawn the Spinoraptor you can use this Code:

To spawn the Ankylodocus you can use this Code:

To spawn the Thorajara you can use this Codes:

To spawn the Kentrosaurusrex you can use this Code:

To spawn the Stegoceratops you can use this Code:

To spawn the Carnoraptor you can use this Code:

To spawn the Kitsune you can use this Code:

To spawn the Kurashi you can use this Code:

To spawn the Sanagi you can use this Code:

To spawn the Incendarius you can use this Code:

To spawn the Akumu you can use this Code:

To spawn the Pegasus you can use this Code:

Unpublished Hybrids
To spawn the Muteki you can use this Code:

To spawn the Fukutsu you can use this Code:

To spawn the Stegarion you can use this Code:


Level Adjustments

MaxLvlHybrid=240 – Maximum Level of a created Hybrid. Even if Dinos of a higher Level are used, this will be your absolute Maximum
MinLvlHybrid=175 – Minimum Level of a created Hybrid. Even if Dinos of a lower Level are used, this will be your absolute Minumum

Crafting Speed Adjustments

GeneticBenchCraftingSpeed = 1.0 – (Can be 1.0 – 100.0) (Default: 1.0) Changes the CraftingSpeed of the GeneticBench
AdvChemBenchCraftingSpeed = 1.0 – (Can be 1.0 – 100.0) (Default: 1.0) Changes the CraftingSpeed of the AdvChemBench

Gameplay Adjustments

DeactivateReaperPotion = True/False – (Default: False) Removes the ReaperPotion Engram
DeactivatePhoenixPotion = True/False – (Default: False) Removes the PhoenixPotion Engram
DeactivateExtinctionHybrids = True/False – (Default: False) Removes all Engrams from Extinction related Hybrids
DeactivateCarbonArmor = True/False – (Default: False) Removes the Carbon Armor Engrams
DeactivateSpeedSaddles = True/False – (Default: False) Removes the SpeedSaddles Engrams