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My goal is awesome & unique modding…

… providing you with mods & mechanics that you have never seen before in Ark/Atlas!

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My Mods

While I made some Private Mods (with a custom UI), all of them are available for public…
Here is a list of all my mods…

Dino Hybrids & more

Create your own unique hybrids consisting of multiple dinos!
This Mod comes with a complete genetics system and 10 hybrids (more will be added over time)!

Dino Cloud

Revolutionary Cloud Based Dino Storage!
Keep your Servers & Boxes clean and your Savefiles cleaner!

Comes with a Public Mode that allows even Dinotransfer across Server-Clusters!
Can be made to a Cluster-Only Transfer by setting a SecretID in your GUS.ini!

Radioactive Ark Mod

A Custom Mod for the Radioactive Ark Servers!
Includes the Dino Hybrids & More Mod, Marvelous Spyglass and much much more!

Radioacitve Plus

Includes many Items from the Structures Plus Mod, as well as Plantable Redwoods, Wood Variants, Platforms Plus and many more!

Radioactive Atlas Mod

A Custom Mod for Radioactive Atlas, includes over 1000 Deco Items, A Ritual System, Custom Animals and much much more!

Marvelous Spyglass

– Shows all relevant stats of dinos
– Shows how all of the dino’s points(wild & tamed) have been spent
– Variable zoom (mousewheel)
– Shows stats even if just holding it
– You can lock the stats to a certain dino by left clicking (left click again to clear)
-Integrated GPS (ARK Only)

Available for ARK & for ATLAS

Pickup Hammer

Immersive Picking Up of Structures on the fly! Additional Features for Admins!

– Works with any Structure, even Modded ones.
– Correctly Picks up Quality Structures in their respective Quality.
– Integrated Mini-Game that prevents pickup spamming.
– No Dupe-Bugs
– Integrated Anti-Cheat System. Will Log any Dupe Attempts in your GameLog (this may contain false positives in case of a Bugging Mini-Game.)

Spawnable Floating Islands

Together with Midnightrush I am working on this Mod!
There will be a remastered Version after we have fixed the old Version!
This island is spawnable anywhere you choose, Build what you can imagin. Lot of Options on the island for colors and effects. more to come in near future.
Can turn off effects as well turn them on.

Tek Oil Pump

This Mod is a addition for the S+ Mod, but also works without it.

– Extracts Oil from an Oil zone
– Can remotely send the Oil to any S+ Dedicated Storage or Vanilla Dedicated Storage
– Remote Transfer is toggleable
– Silent
– 150 Inventory-Slots


An indestructible Shield that can be used for ORP Protection.
Runs on a special Battery that can last up to 48 hours.
Shield is destructible when unpowered.
Powering the Shield up takes 60 Seconds.


Having Trouble with Lag because of people are harvesting Sheep with a chainsaw on your Server?

No more! The Sheep-Grinder is here.
This small an lightweight Mod adds a Structure that does what its name says, it grinds Sheep!

Latest News

Upcomming Update – The Avesfeles

It took a long time but soon it will be there!I am working heavily uppon releasing the Avesfeles (aka Feathercat) for the Public Version of the Mod!Stay Tuned!

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New Website

I am happy to announce that my new Website is finally up!It is still not 100% done but its functional to the point where its useable!

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